Cow & Gate nutriprem human milk fortifier

  • Specially formulated to help achieve optimal enteral nutrient intake.
  • A food for special medical purposes to supplement preterm breastmilk.
  • Suitable for low birth weight (LBW) and preterm babies
  • The only human milk fortifier in Ireland to fully comply with ESPGHAN (2010)
  • Supports bone growth and mineralisation (with extra energy, protein, vitamins and minerals) (ESPGHAN 2010)
  • Can be added to a mother’s own breastmilk or donor breastmilk


100% extensively hydrolysed protein
50:50 whey: casein ratio
Vitamins & minerals

This is a hospital and pharmacy only product.


Recommendations for key nutrients in preterm and low birthweight babies weighing 1-1.8kg1


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Important Notice:
Food for special medical purposes (FSMP). For the dietary management of specific diseases, disorders, or medical conditions for which the product is intended, after full consideration of feeding options including breastfeeding. Only to be used under medical supervision.

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  • 50 x 2.2g sachets
  • Add 1 x 2.2g sachet to 50mls warm breastmilk.
  • Swirl gently until powder is dissolved completely and use immediately.
  • Discard any unused product after opening.