Cow & Gate hydrolysed nutriprem

Cow & Gate hydrolysed nutriprem is a food for special medical purposes that is used for the dietary management of premature and low birthweight babies who require hydrolysed protein.

Cow & Gate hydrolysed nutriprem contains protein that has been broken down, which may be helpful for premature bottlefed babies post-surgery or who are not tolerating standard preterm formulas.

The levels of energy, protein, carbohydrate, fat and most vitamins and minerals in Cow & Gate hydrolysed nutriprem are higher than in standard infant milks.

Cow & Gate hydrolysed nutriprem is suitable as the sole source of nutrition for premature and low birthweight babies.

  • High nutrient density
  • Nucleotides


Milk fat
– 60:40 whey:casein ratio
– Whey partially hydrolysed
– Casein extensively hydrolysed
LCP’s*, including phospholipid-bound LCP’s (PL-LCP)
60:40 whey: casein ratio


This is a hospital only product.


The first and only fully ESPGHAN – compliant preterm range^1,2


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Important Notice:
Cow&Gate hydrolysed nutriprem is a food for special medical purposes for bottlefed premature babies, after full consideration of all the feeding options available, including breastfeeding. It should only be used under medical supervision.

*LCPs = Long Chain Polyunsaturated fatty acids

Preterm Datacard

  • 90ml plastic ready-to-feed bottle
  • Cow & Gate hydrolysed nutriprem low birthweight formula should only be used under the close medical supervision of a neonatologist or dietitian.
  • Contents will settle. Shake well before use.
  • If fed from the bottle discard the contents within 1 hour of opening.