Bottlefeeding – Winding Techniques

Winding is an essential part of feeding babies, because they often take in air with their milk and aren’t able to burp properly.

Wind is caused by swallowing air when feeding, crying or simply breathing. The air fills baby’s stomach, which can make them feel uncomfortable and quite full up before they’ve had enough milk to drink.

The amount of air they take in during feeding can be minimised by tilting the bottle to ensure that the milk fills the teat, and also by feeding the baby in an upright or near-upright position.

Most Popular Winding Techniques

Place your baby over your shoulder with their bottom supported by Mum’s arm on the side. As the baby is in an upright, stretched out posture (this is a good ‘burping position’), pat or rub their back with the other hand.

Sit baby upright on Mum’s lap, encircling them with her arm. Allow baby to lean forward slightly, so that their tummy rests against mum’s arm. This position will gently compress their abdomen which may help to bring up the wind. Pat or rub their back and sides with mum’s other hand.

Place baby face down on Mum’s lap. Hold them firmly with one hand and pat or rub their back and sides gently with the other.

At the end of the feeding session, Mum should cuddle her baby close and she may get a sleepy burp in response! As baby develops, and starts getting active (e.g. rolling or crawling), they will find it easier to bring up wind. This varies for each baby, but for some, Mum might need to continue giving them a little help after feeds.