The first site of the Cow & Gate creamery was developed in 1887 in Kildorrery Co Cork and today it continues to manufacture powder milk in Macroom and Wexford. These factories produce powdered milk not only for Ireland but the rest of Europe also. Together with an office in Dublin Cow & Gate employs 250 people in Ireland.

Cow & Gate originally started out as a creamery in Ireland and had a best selling fresh cream product. However, they had a problem, huge amounts of left over skimmed milk. They decided to bring in the latest drying equipment from America and began selling milk powder to bakeries and catering trades.

In 1904 the company received an order from the medical officer of health to use milk powder as babyfood. This occurred following reports from America that the health and survival rates of infants and young children improved by adding powder milk to their diets. After conducting trials similar improvements were reported in Ireland and results were published in medical journals. Before long the demand for this babyfood began to grow and Cow & Gate the babyfood company emerged.

Cow & Gate fully supports breastfeeding in Ireland. However, when mothers cannot or choose not to breastfeed Cow & Gate emphasises on providing the most nutritionally advanced milks for these bottlefed babies. Cow & Gate invest heavily in research and development and work closely with scientific and healthcare professionals to provide the most scientifically advanced nutrition to infants.


In Cow & Gate’s Dublin office, a number of unique services are provided for Irish mums and healthcare professionals. There is a parent and healthcare professional careline available for any queries or concerns about infant nutrition and bottle feeding. The careline is made up of mums, grandmothers, nutritionists and dietitians who are available to answer any questions you may have.

Cow & Gate also has a number of online interactive assessment tools that allow mums and mums-to-be to assess both their own and their babies’ diet based on the current recommendations from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. Simply follow the link below.

Cow & Gate are also regularly involved in surveys and research undertaken in order to better understand babies and toddlers needs.

Resources for HCPs on infant and toddler nutrition log onto or call our freephone Healthcare Professional careline 1800 371 371.